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Owls at Burberry Prorsum

I am a huge, huge fan of Burberry Prorsum’s clothing in normal circumstances. Their ad campaigns are pretty much always how I wish I could dress: hip and chic with a downtown air. (Basically exactly what I picture myself wandering around London wearing in my fantasies where I can last all day in skirts and high heels.) Then they went and showed owls on many of their shirts for Fall/Winter 2012. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Can’t remember if I’ve expressed my love for owls here before…but I did attempt an owl art project at one point. Not totally unlike the shirts, actually.

Also, I’m including this purple coat because it’s GORGEOUS.

(…even though there’s no owls on it. )

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Doubletake Boutique

A few weeks back, I visited a fantastic little shop called Doubletake Recycled Luxury Boutique located in the Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward district of Atlanta. The boutique is owned by master shopper/scavenger/treasure finder Daniel Troppy. Operating under the motto luxury should be affordable for everyone, Mr. Troppy stocks his store with labels hand picked from his daily trips to goodwills, thrift stores, estate sales, and consignment shops. I was completely in love with his entire selection, and I walked out with a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg kimono (which I wore in this outfit shoot), a vintage Pierre Cardin navy blouse, and an adorable Free People vest. My total for all three? $91, including tax. AMAZING.

Detail of the racks stuffed with finds

Love all the art work and relaxed vibe of the space

A record player provides the store’s soundtrack

The eclectic Studioplex lofts where the store is located

How my purchases came home with me. How cute is that??

In a city overrun with gigantic shopping malls, Doubletake is such a beautiful change of pace, without the high boutique prices. Filled with one of a kind finds, I definitely left feeling like I scored some treasures. I’m also still thinking about a vintage Burberry sweater and awesome gold vest I left behind…

Oh well, next time!

If you’re ever in Atlanta, I highly suggest going on an adventure to Doubletake. Check out some of the selection and get store hours over on the Doubletake blog or on Daniel’s other blog, The Thrifters.

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