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New Year, New…Calendar?

I generally make it a rule to not make New Year’s Resolutions because I feel like it’s too cliche, and you never end up sticking to them. But, I do always try to come up with some new thoughts and goals for the new year. (Which, lets be honest, are totally resolutions, I’m just stubborn and refuse to call them that.) Last year, one of mine (that I actually stuck to for the most part) was remembering to cut off the “remove before wash or wear” tag inside new clothes. Those stupid things always end up poking and they hurt! Of course this was a very small thing in life, but I liked it as a new goal for the year; it was simple and easy to stick to.

To be honest, I haven’t come up with too many this year. In fact, I can really only think of one right now…and unfortunately for me, it’s actually going to break my “simple and easy to stick to” rule.  But, oh well, here it is anyways:

Remembering that sometimes, if not always, you have to ask for the things you want in life. And also that there’s no harm nor shame in doing that. In a more active sense, I guess I should say: I need to speak up for things I want in life, and lose the fear, because no one’s going to know unless I tell them.

Cool, yeah, easy enough right? No problem. Walk in the park.

Okay, enough with the seriousness, look at the cuteness!

This isn’t so much a new year’s resolution as it is a life goal: one day, I will own a dog. And it will look like this.

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A Pretty Reckless Momsen Halloween

Here’s the thing about Taylor Momsen: yes, sometimes she looks like a raccoon clown with the insane amount of eye makeup and red lipstick she wears. Yes, the no pants and stripper shoes is a bit much. Really, all of her outfits are ALWAYS a bit much. But…that being said, I don’t know, sometimes her black leather jackets and over the knee boots are kind of…awesome.

And for some reason, I just really wanted to try out this whole look…but I knew the only day I could legit try this whole long blonde WAY TOO BIT MUCH RACOON look was on Halloween.

I think I did a fairly decent job with the costume…and it was super fun to put together. Especially the make up.


And then I started to have WAY too much fun with photo editing to complement my Momsen look…

And, you know, at the very least, now I can confidently say that not wearing any pants feels pretty weird.

I definitely found two other costumes online I WISH I had thought of though. One guy I saw in a picture on FB went as a cater waiter from Party Down. I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be Ken Marino’s character. BRILLANT. I don’t know this kid, bit I wish I did! And I saw another girl on celebuzz who dressed up as Flo, the Progressive Lady. Also so brillant!

Aaaand now it’s November. I can’t even process this yet. Insane. Or, in Rachel Zoe speak, bananas.

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Mary Kate Steinmiller

One thing I wish I was better at is the concept of layering and mixing and matching my outfits. Now this lady, Mary Kate Steinmiller, who works at Teen Vogue, seems to be a master at this feat.  She’s also one of those annoyingly awesome New Yorkers/Voguettes that can traipse around the city in heels and that perfect urban chic outfit, often being photographed by street style photographers. Below, a sampling…








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