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Hello, my name is Meghan and I have a candle problem. (Hi, Meghan.) Candles are such a simple and aromatic way to personalize a space. They’re calming, fairly inexpensive (when you don’t want candles from London…um, oops) and lets not forget the most important part – they’re preeeettyy. Like the candle nerd that I am, I’ve got an ongoing wishlist of candles I’m coveting at all times. Here’s a few I’d like to put on my bookshelf very soon!



Byredo BohemiaPenhaligons Blenheim Boutique / Tom Dixon Royalty

Voluspa French Cade Lavender / Spitalfields Candle Co. / Aquiesse Scented Soy

Murdock Patchouli Scented / Green & Spring Relaxing Home

Image: Pinterest

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An Afternoon at WilliamVintage


One of the highlights of my trip to London was visiting the amazing WilliamVintage store in Marylebone and getting to spend some time with the shop’s owner, William Banks-Blaney. Simply calling Will kind would be a bit of an understatement – in the midst of his insanely busy schedule, which included prepping for a Monday morning Vogue shoot, he traveled clear across London on a Friday afternoon to open his store for me. Together we pored over his entire collection with him sharing stories and pointing out the amazing details in the construction of his pieces while I “ooo’ed” and “ahh’ed” and fell in love with everything.

I’ve said it before but – to me, Will has one of the coolest jobs around. He travels around the world unearthing forgotten fashion treasures, each replete with a rich history. He’s passionate about his work, has impeccable taste, and spends his days giving gorgeous vintage pieces a home in contemporary fashion. Sounds pretty good to me! His store is absolutely beautiful in every way and I’m so happy we were able to work out a visit. After all the dress “ooo” ing and “ahh” ing, we went on a little field trip to Borough Market where I was introduced to a satanically scrumptious sausage/pastry combo and amazing coffee. It’s always so great to see a city with a native who knows and loves it. Little known secret: if this whole fashion thing doesn’t work out, Will’s got an amazing future as a tour guide. Although, lets be real, I think the first option is working out pretty well!

Photos below including my very favorite burgundy 1956 Sybil Connolly dress and a to die for row of LBD’s. Also love the beautifully color coded racks, which somehow look way better than when I attempt this in my own closet…

IMG_0112On this rack: Louis Feraud Dress, Sybil Connolly 2 piece ensemble, Dynasty two piece jumpsuit, Balenciaga Haute Couture Dress

IMG_0080Sybil Connolly Couture Dress

IMG_0078IMG_0107On this rack: Dior Dress, Hardy Amies Dress, Dior New York Dress

IMG_0116Ossie Clark Dress

IMG_0086Dior Haute Couture Dress Suit 

IMG_00752 Fortuny Delphos Gowns

Maggie Rouff Haute Couture TunicMaggie Rouff Haute Couture Tunic

IMG_0093Balenciaga Haute Couture Suit Jacket




2 Marylebone St.

London W1G 8JQ

Shop by appt. only (but don’t let that stop you!): +44 207 487 4322

Shop online here.

 And for even more vintage couture goodness, follow WilliamVintage on Twitter, FB, Pinterest and Instagram!

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Valentine’s Day: Treat Yourself!

valentinesThis Valentine’s Day, I think we should all take a page from the Parks and Rec handbook and treat ourselves to a little gift. Sure, having a Valentine to surprise you with jewelry is really fun. But isn’t being able to treat yourself even better? Plus, you’re guaranteed to end up with a gift you really like instead of a giant red box of chocolates. (Sorry, guys. We know you try.) I tend to like Valentine’s surprises which don’t scream “Valentine’s Themed!” and these clustered hearts sterling silver stud earrings from FreshTrends are a pretty nod to the theme without being too over the top. (Psst…guys, are you paying attention?) Above are more of my picks for rewarding yourself a little this February 14th!

1. Bauble Bar Maharaja Ice Studs – $36.00

2. Sheinside Red Long Sleeve Cable Knit Dipped Hem Sweater – $32.79

3. Anthropologie Tallulah Crochet Booties – $118.00

4. Anthropologie Crochet Blue Candle Tin – $14.00

5. Essie Nail Color in Fiji – $8.50

6. Rebecca Minkoff Wishbone Stud Earrings – $38.00

7. C.O. Bigelow Musk Perfume Oil – $15.00

8. ASOS Mixed Bead Bracelet Pack – $18.52

9. Ray Ban Pink Mirrored Aviators – $160.00

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Jewelry


Have you started thinking about those perfect holiday gifts for your friends, family, trash collector, crossing guard and your local Starbucks barista? Well, okay, maybe you’ve started thinking about at least two categories on this list. A small little bauble is always a lovely and thoughtful gift for your mom or your girlfriends (or maybe the trash collector, who knows) and cute pieces don’t have to cost a ton of money. FreshTrends is also a great site to check out for some awesome jewelry and body jewelry options. Below are some of my picks for the perfect bit and bauble to gift your local barista! Because lets be honest, the one who holds the coffee is clearly the most important.

1. Sabine Vintage Chandelier Earrings – $22.00

2. Star Blaze Earrings – $38.00

3. Grey Vines Necklace – $25.00

4. Love Note Cuff – $38.00

5. Giraffe Trinket Dish – $16

6. Kelly Wearstler Chelsea Ring – $225

7. Crystal Comet Strand – $46

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Shopping for Winter Coats


Are you going to be shopping for new winter coats this year? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my previous time in Chicago, it’s you better have yourself some darn warm coats for winter. An absolute necessity in a coat here is calf length or longer. A waist length coat just won’t do unless you want your thighs to go numb. (Trust me. Been there. Not fun.) One company I’ve just discovered who has this warm winter coat business down pat is Canada Goose Parka. ‘Cause if there’s one place that’s colder than Chicago in the winter, it’s Canada. So you know this company knows their parkas!

Even though fall has just made its appearance in Chicago, it’s hard to imagine giant snow drifts on the city streets but I know it’s coming. (Cue threatening music.) So if you’re in a cold climate like me, here’s my picks for coats that will keep you warm but won’t leave you feeling like a marshmallow. (Been there also.)

1.  Zara Puffer Jacket with Wraparound Collar – $159

2. Zara Parka with Fur Hood – $179

3. Zara Checked Wool Coat – $159

4. All Saints Hoxton Monument Coat – $455

5. Canada Goose Parka – $1,000

6. Zara Masculine Studio Overcoat – $299

7. Canada Goose Parka – $750

8. All Saints Klein Contrast Coat – $525

9. Zara Wool Coat – $119

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