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Always Within the Never

I’m starting a new post on Mondays called “always within the never”, which is my favorite phrase from The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

I’m somewhat shamelessly stealing this idea from Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and Sonia from Runway Hippie. Emily does 5 Things on Fridays, where she comes up with 5 little things that made her happy during the week, and Sonia does a Week in Review.

So this is…sort of the same idea. But I’m titling it differently and doing it on Monday, so that makes it unique, right? Kind of? I get consumed by the craziness and confusion of life alot of the time, and hopefully this little ditty will keep reminding me of the beauty in small things.

(…and I’m going to attempt to not make all my highlights food items. Attempt.)

1. Always…becoming oddly calmer and happier the minute I walk into a Whole Foods, no matter what city I’m in.  I’m currently obsessed with Utz’s Gluten Free Granola and the hummus with flax and walnuts from the prepared foods section.

2. Within…episodes of Doctor Who on BBC America. I absolutely adore this show, even though I never understand the storylines. They’re really not too important, I just love to listen to Matt Smith talk…and I’d like to be Amy Pond. Or no – definitely River Song.

3. The…new shoes I ordered online from Delia’s for a total of $9.50! Well, technically $16 with shipping. I haven’t ordered anything from Delia’s since probably 7th grade, but somehow my internet clicking led me to them and they were just too cute and inexpensive to ignore.

4. Never…going to sleep before having a cup of either Tazo Chai Tea or Trader Joe’s Organic Herbal Chamomile Tea.  I used to be really into coffee, which I still love, but now I just can’t get enough tea.

And a few which need no explanation…

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