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Hi, I’m Meghan and I started this little blog as a way to keep myself inspired. Bohemian Butterflies is about style, creativity, wanderlust, interior design and probably a little too much content about my love for Whole Foods and almond milk lattes. I live in LA but I’ll take an airplane to anywhere.

Some random but true facts about me…

I carry purses the size of small suitcases and am fiercely loyal to my Converse.IMG_7140

If you see me in a library or a bookstore, then I’m happy. 

I want to travel anywhere. Everywhere. Currently #1 on the list is going back to London. Followed closely by South Africa, Australia and Morocco.

If you own a dog, I will want to pet it. And take it on a walk.

Hats make everything better.

Normalcy doesn’t really interest me. But chai tea and ocean does.

messy hair


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